Our Concierge can arrange for any of the following activities for you.



Enjoy local cuisine and gourmet dining both inside the resort compound of Punta Mita or just steps away from our condo on "Restaurant Row" in the village of Punta de Mita.



Surfing / Stand Up Paddling / Lessons

Punta Mita draws surfing and stand up paddler buffs from all over the world due to a number of fantastic surf breaks for long boarders and short boarders. There is something for every skill level.  There are a number of shops in the local village where SUP & Surfboard rentals are available as well as lessons.  Enjoy the surf directly in front of our condo or an easy boat ride nearby.   



Whale watching / Snorkeling

Explore the Marietas island’s many caves, photograph the rare blue-footed booby birds, snorkel through swarms of colored fish and explore the underwater beauty. The 2 islands are located 15 min out of Punta Mita.  

Enjoy the annual visits from humpback whales as they swim past on their migratory path through Banderas Bay from December through March.   A group of up to 9 people can be taken on a boat for a tour of the Islands.  The boat leaves from El Anclote beach close to the condo.



Fishing and Boat Tours

Punta Mita and the area surrounding Banderas Bay is fast becoming a popular fishing destinations.  There are several charter companies that operate out of Punta de Mita. They can take you off shore and deep sea fishing.  There are local professional and bilingual fisherman that provide all the best gear, live bait and beverages.  



ATV Tours / Zipline / Horseback Riding  

(Approximately a 15 minute drive from Punta Mita)   

Take scenic ATV tours through the country roads, beach and village of Higuera Blanca.  The tour combines mildly challenging rivers/streams, village roads, and beach riding.

The Zipline facility includes a 7 slide operation on the back mountains of Higuera Blanca which features amazing views of the Punta Mita peninsula and its surroundings located in a natural tropical forest reserve.

Horseback rides are led by cowboys through the village, jungle, and beach.



Sightseeing / Bird Watching

Punta Mita sits on the coast between a number of beautiful local towns rich in tradition and local flavor.  Take time to visit Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, San Pancho to name a few. 

Punta Mita is a protected wildlife haven for bird lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the wild side of nature.